Oryol is a famous old Russian city. It is in a very heart of country. Physically and mentally, as well.  Oryol is called by "a literature capital of Russia". If "Russian is a language of Bunin and Turgenev" then this is completely true, of course. Turgenev and Leskov, Fet and Leonid Andreev, Bunin and Tolstoy and many other Russian writers are deeply related with this small but really amazing city. If you wanna see a real Russia, meet real friends and know something on "Russia-outside-of-MKAD", welcome to our lovely city.

The city is around 450 years old. It's history is very long and interesting. Consult wiki on details. It is called a city of military glory due to an important role it plays during the WWII. There are many museums, churches, historical places and places for fun in Oryol.

Памятники Орла

Traveling to Oryol from Moscow is rather simple. The easiest way is to take a high-speed train. 3-4 hours from Kurskii railway station (mtetro Kurskaya) and you are in the center of Oryol.

Below are just smal tips on this travel. 

  • Easiest way to buy tickets is by internet. Just google Moscow-Oryol or copy paste Москва-Орел. There are many tickets offices. For example, tutu.ru is on of the largest. Then you just choose your dates, select train, places, pay for a ticket by a credit card (or other ways) and that is all: be sure, there is a button of electronic registration. SMS  with a reminder will come to your mobile phone 1.5 hour before the travel.
  • tutu allows automatic electronic registratition to train. Though before entering the train you should show your passport (print version of tickets is not necessary if you bought ticket by internet).
  • The price is from 600 Russian roubles to 1050 for seating place. The Lastochka train is rather comfortable. 
  • Since the distance is not very large, seating place is fine
  • There is a possibility to order tea, coffee snacks in the train
  • Electric charger for your devices  might be under your seat
  • Toilets are ok in the train
  • When you will arrive to Oryol, you can order taxi 43-43-43 or other Oryol taxi services. Prices are very reasonable (cheaper than in Moscow). 
  • Buses price is around 17 Russian roubles (January 2018)
  • Yandex map in Oryol works fine
  • Hotels in the city are from five stars to rather budget's ones. 

Enjoy staying in our pictorisque city! Questions or comments are welcome!


"Плюнуть бы на все, да в Орел рвануть" - песенка


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